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Here are some of the software I work most with. Mostly to list suggestions and possible bugs. Some of the features I'm asking for might exist, and just elude me. I do my best to keep this list up to date. It should reflect only latest versions of releases. I'm embarrassed to say that, yes, I work mostly on Microsoft Windows 10. I love Linux, and my pad has Android. I love Google too. I'm very, very extremely against the existence of Apple.


iSpy 6

Awesome web-cam and surveillance-cam application. Almost unlimited features. Open source and free! And the iSpy folks are awesome, and very open to suggestions, and release new versions very often. Incredible. The webcam on this site uses this application.

Full screen function is far from real.

Wish: Disable anti-alias for text overlay option.


IDM UltraEdit 23

Wicked awesome text editor with incredibly many features. Cutting edge. Know and love your text editor. I consider text editor the most essential application on my computers.

Conversion is usually not saved. Also batch conversion would be awesome.

Installing spell checking for other languages than English is extremely hard. So hard I'm not able to do it. I need Norwegian spell checking, sadly.

Several buttons lack tool-tip in FTP browser.

Holding spacebar often doesn't work (on my computer).

Play and stop icons for connect / disconnect is a bad choice imo.

FTP asks for password for every file you want to transfer.

The idea of built in FTP with put and get that UE had was great. The new FTP interface has it's own window, and is certainly not full of features like IDM claims. Very bad choice. Please revert to original FTP interface.

Toolbar Configuration window takes focus for no reason.

Bug: There are double white-space between sentences in the Help file everywhere.

Wish: Vertical guides.

Wish: Word-wrap as default.

Configuration | Application Layout | Windows State: "Minimize on system tray" should be "Minimize to system tray".

The following menu items are missing icons:

Edit | Clear Undo - crossed out undo icon

Search | Function List - ?

Insert | Template - ?

Project | Recent Project - callendar

Advanced | Select Code Page - flag, globe, or speak-bubble

Help | Using Help - text file with question-mark (same icon we see after clicking Using Help)

Unregister / Deactivate - key


Steinberg WaveLab 8

Audio editor and then some.

Icons for all commands please. Delete could have a rubber or X for instance.

Support for 32 bit plugs. So we don't have to use jBridger.

Multi-colored waveforms. Like for instance Traktor has. Colors represent frequency. Toggle-able of course.

More video support. This world lacks video editors. I'm not talking about what I call video sequencers. I mean open a video file, remove intro for instance, normalize perhaps, then click Save. Not render.

Are there anywhere to read about what's in store for WaveLab 9?

Default pause help tool-tip in Basic Audio CD Options displays the tool-tip for Silence after first track, instead of its own.

Save batch conversion is gone.

Wet / dry mix for plugs.

Undo history. With icons and time stamp.

At the very least write undo and redo what action. WaveLab just says undo and redo. Crazy.

Why does sound-wave visually change on save?

Play from or at least skip to start of song button.

Skip to end of song doesn't seem completely crazy either.

Audio Range windows does for the most part not work. Play from start of selection plays from end of selection. Changes to length does are not applied even when clicking Apply or OK. Editing start and end points of selection is not possible.

BPM and Time signature should be easily available on the navigation bar. Ticks per quarter note can stay in Meter tab in Time Format dialogue.

Time Format dialogue lacks Apply button.

Time colors dialogue lacks Apply button.

Metronome? Yes, please.

Recent files could be a sub-menu under File.

Master Section keeps disappearing.

Floating windows are not de-floated when switching layouts. Also some are not re-floated. In short Workspace | Layout does not work.

No way to check for upgrades.

Documentation is displayed behind WaveLab, and minimizes with the application.

Restore to Factory layout is needed and missing.

Copy doesn't work in Markers | Time column.


NI Traktor 2

Incredible DJ software. I use it with a Pioneer XDJ.

No or very poor network support.


Corel PaintShop Pro X9

Good alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Corel PSP X9 suggestions / issues:


Wish: Word-wrap for text fields, as an option for Text tool.

Wish: Justify text.

Bug: There's a very bad kerning bug. (Currently under investigation by PSP Level 2 group.)

Issue: Formatting of text is lost when copying text from one text block to another.

Wish: ASCII table.

Wish: Preserve text as editable when exporting to Photo Shop, if possible.


Wish: Hide other layers.

Wish: Save layer as.

Wish: 'Use all layers' option for selection tool, to move content on all unlocked layers.

Wish: Export as separate layers.

Issue: Shift and Control click selecting of layers works only sporadically.


Wish: Import vector as vector.

Wish: Export vector as vector.

Wish: Option to show vector as vector.

Wish: Objects. To turn a vector selection into an item. Do we really not have this!?


Bug: Image Mapper is resizable, but is missing resize icon. The six dots.

Issue: Image Mapper lacks undo / redo buttons. Although ctrl + z works. Actions are not reflected in History Palette either.

Bug: Even straight lines are anti-aliased when zoomed in on in Image Mapper.


Issue: All dialogues should have selectable text. (Most applications have this problem, but it's easy to solve.)

Wish: Presets in Resize dialogue.

Wish: Presets in Canvas Size dialogue.

Wish: 'Show all' option under View | Toolbars and Palettes would be great for people with enough screen-space.

Issue: Dialogues take focus, when there's no need to. For instance Preferences. Here, if we cannot get it focus-free, at least drop in an Apply button. Having to open dialog, make changes, close it, look at changes, open it again, change again then close again is too much work. (Most applications have this problem, but it's easy to solve.)

Bug: Customize takes semi-focus.

Issue: Preferences | Help doesn't work. Neither button or F1.

Issue: Preferences doesn't have Apply button.


Issue: Speed is down by about 30% in general on large files from X8.

Issue: Network, as in other computers, is missing from Navigation Quick Search.

Wish: Tab could toggle all Toolbars and Palettes.

Wish: Option for Instant Effects to include all layers.

Wish: 'Yes to all' option in batch progress overwrite prompt.

Issue: When dragging an image from Windows Explorer to PSP, PSP does not take focus. Thus one must click PSP to start working on the image.

Wish: Poster printing.

Wish: Panorama stitching.

Wish: Combine images. (Like in having two images, and just paste one to the left, right, top or bottom of the other.)

Wish: All the lovely icons are gone from the menus. I want them back please. (I know they can be added manually one by one. Almost more irritating than if it was impossible.)

Wish: Guide presets. Such as image cut in half, fourth, eight, x, y, x + y.

Wish: Diagonal guides.

Wish: 'Own scripts' could be a category under Batch Process | Script.

Issue: PPI of images changes from for instance 300 to 299.999 almost always.

Wish: Option to draw circle etc. from center.

Wish: Functions for symmetrical drawing. For instance a clock. Mirror drawing effect and such.

Wish: Export PDF.

Wish: Smart-objects. Like Flash has. When you change one, all copies change too.

Wish: When moving a selection Shift should restrict moving to horizontal and vertical movement. And not allow angular movement.

Wish: Zoom in Overview palette should control Overview, not the actual image. 100% size is especially important.

Wish: 10 recently used files as max is way too little. Go for 50 max. Keep 10 as default.

Wish: Option to have Toolbars and Palettes snap to eachother.

Wish: Guides, adding, moving, deleting, etc. should be included in History.

Bug: For instance Save As Dialogue is resizable. Export PNG Dialogue is not. This inconsistency is found all over the product. Batch Process Dialogue is not resizable.

Issue: Toolbars have easy-drag. Palettes don't. Please add easy-drag to Toolbars.

Issue: Tool Options is missing from View | Toolbars.

Wish: More short-keys please. I add for instance | for Sharpen. W for fit to window. Alt + G for Guides.

Bug: Black background color is not black.

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