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Specifications: 12 x 12 (= 144) pixels, black only, transparent, pixel drawn, static icons. Use these for anything you want to. (Batch, resize, colorize, animate...) This is only the beginning... If you have icons similar to these I'm very interested in hearing about it. Requests and submissions are welcome. Hover icons for title. To search for icons view source. Click to display large version.

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More information on this project:

The number of possible different icons within these very limited specs is 2^144 = two to the power of 144 = 22300745198530623141535718272648361505980416 = 22.300.745.198.530.623.141.535.718.272.648.361.505.980.416 = 2.2300745e+43 = twenty two tredecillion, three hundred duodecillion, seven hundred and forty five undecillion, one hundred and ninety eight decillion, five hundred and thirty nonillion, six hundred and twenty three octillion, one hundred and forty one septillion, five hundred and thirty five sextillion, seven hundred and eighteen quintillion, two hundred and seventy two quadrillion, six hundred and forty eight trillion, three hundred and sixty one billion, five hundred and five million, nine hundred and eighty thousand, four hundred and sixteen.

The random algorithm in use here is the pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) Mersenne twister.

I hope to have an irl exhibition of prints of some of the icons some time in the future. For this only centered icons will be picked. If you're interested in helping out with making this happen, yes, please.