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Physical (and couple of digital) releases. Click titles for individual pages.

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X Xartist Xtitle Xlabel Xcat.# Xformat Xtype Xsongs Xtime Xyear Xcop. Xfac. Xaudio
1v/a"A Little Bit Of Me - A Tribute To Mr. Remington Super 60"nonenoneCD album5" carton cover1700:0023-01-2015100BOD / Tunes Printing
2Howlin' of the Wolf"Backfire madness"Break-A-LegBAL-002CD album5" Digipak1236:4000-00-2013500BOD Group / Tunes Printing
3Howlin' of the Wolf"Backfire madness"Dead Cool RecordsDC-009LP albumbrown vinyl1400:0002-02-2015200Gramofonove / Tunes Printing
4Howlin' of the Wolf"Backfire madness"Dead Cool RecordsDC-009LP albumbrown vinyl white splat1400:0002-02-201550Gramofonove / Tunes Printing
5Desertör"Christers Blues"DesertörDES-SYV-1single7" red vinyl206:5930-03-2017100Eldorado Mediayeah
6bronson comet lighter"Citrus Bliss"Bronson RecordingsBro'11LP albumblack vinyl1036:3007-03-2019250Eldorado Media
7Desertör"Desertör"DesertörDes'1LP albumblack vinyl800:0016-06-2015175Eldorado Media
8Dollinger / Dillinger duo"Dollinger / Dillinger duo"Bronson RecordingsBro'87" EPblack vinyl500:0000-00-2003200Gramofonove
9Flamenco Peko"flame-ep"Fuzz PopFP-00112" EPtransparent vinyl500:0000-00-2001400Gramofonove
10Flamenco Peko"Flamenco Peko's Polar Sequences: Seq. 1"mp3.comnonemp3.com CDproduce on demand200:0000-00-2002?mp3.com
11DJ Marzt"Freefall"mp3.comnonemp3.com CDproduce on demand?00:0000-00-0000?mp3.com
12bronson comet lighter"Gulstad Live"Bronson RecordingsBro'7LP albumblack vinyl1019:2200-00-2006250Gramofonove
13obscuro"Hazard Blues"Bronson RecordingsBro'97" singleblack vinyl206:0700-00-2005200Gramofonove
14Peru You"Heartships & Shipwrecks"That's Perfect Wonderball RecordsQK19 / PYM 02CD album5" jewel case1100:0000-00-20041000?
15v/a"Kid Antrim 2003 Rock Compilation"Kid AntrimKAM - A1CD-R5" promo?00:0000-00-2003?Kid Antrim
16v/a"Live on the Spot"Break-A-LegBAL-001CD album5" jewel case2100:0000-00-2010500Dicentia
17Epileptic Passion"Meant To Be Shared"Fuzz PopFP-002CD EP5" jewel case300:0000-00-2008?n/a
18The Hidden Sect"Mythical Moments EP"Dead Cool RecordsDC-0087" EPblack vinyl400:0000-00-2005200Gramofonove
19Howlin' of the Wolf"Please Don't Listen" c/w "The Caretaker"Dead Cool RecordsDC-0107" singleblack vinyl207:4225-11-2016300Eldorado Media
20Prunk Möbel"Prunk'd 2015"Hovering RecordsOQZ 002albumdigital1061:4225-12-20150noneyeah
21v/a"Sanger Fra St. Croix"Viking MediaVM037" EPblack vinyl1200:0000-00-1997??
22Pacifist"Smart MC"Pen LydnoneCD-R5" demo500:0000-00-199??Beta el division
23MC Peko"Songs For Tina"Fuzz PopFP-003CD album5" jewel case4072:5101-06-2014500BOD / Tunes Printingyeah
24MC Peko"Songs For Tina" (Edits)Fuzz PopFP-003-EDCD album5" jewel case4060:1410-11-2014200BOD / Tunes Printingyeah
25v/a"Songs From The Loosing End"KrankKrank 006LP albumblack vinyl1700:0000-00-1998?Gramofonove
26v/a"Songs From The Loosing End v2.0"KrankKrank 020LP doubleblack vinyl2600:0000-00-1999?Gramofonove
27Silentlab"Sundays"Fuzz PopFP-004-CDCD EP5" Digipak517:2001-12-2016500Eldorado Mediayeah
28The Sky's Gone Out"Tell Me How It Feels"Velvet ElektraVE-0002-DImaxi-singledigital313:0801-08-20160noneyeah
29The Ghostly Ravens"The Chaser"Velvet ElektraVE-004-DIsinlgedigital211:0013-07-20180noneyeah
30The Oowees"The Oowee Beat"Sneakers RecordsSNEAK 187" EPblack vinyl400:0000-00-2004?Gramofonove
31The Oowees"The Oowee Beat"Sneakers RecordsSNEAK 187" EPpink vinyl400:0000-00-2004?Gramofonove
32Ring / Ørjan"UFO / Cactus Land"KrankKrank 032LP splitblack vinyl1231:4204-02-2018300DMS LTDyeah
33bronson comet lighter"wipes the pipes"Bronson RecordingsBro'27" EPblack vinyl200:0000-00-2003400Gramofonove
34bronson comet lighter"wipes the pipes"Bronson RecordingsBro'27" EPtransparent vinyl200:0000-00-2003100Gramofonove

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