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These songs are from the MC Peko solo acoustic mono series forthcoming cover album "I Did Acid With Caroline And Other Favorites". Artists are links to their external sites. Titles are links to lyrics. Date is for when the file was uploaded or modified, not release-date. mp3 is SoundCloud links. Missing time, bpm and chords will be filled in as I find the time. I've done my best to get lyrics and chords right. Still there are in all likely-hood errors. Originals on YouTube: Songs We Taught MC Peko.

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X Xoriginal artist Xtitle Xtime Xbpm Xchords Ximg Xmp3 Xdate
1Half Japanese"1.000.000 Kisses"01:43000G Am yeah22-11-2019
2Saint Thomas"A Long, Long Time"02:38133D Em G A 22-11-2019
3Neil Young"After The Goldrush"03:34101D G A Bm C 22-11-2019
4The Reveren Horton Heat"Bails Of Cocaine"00:00000C G F 22-11-2019
5Violent Femmes"Blister In The Sun"02:17190C G Em D 22-11-2019
6Girl From Saskatoon"Can I Please Ride?"02:04125A F#m D E 22-11-2019
7The Beat Happening"Cast A Shadow"00:00000A F#m D E yeah22-11-2019
8Meat Puppets"Coming Down"04:11000G D C 22-11-2019
9Adam Green"Dance With Me"03:26000A F# D E yeah22-11-2019
10Hornorkesteret"Don't Bury Me Here"04:30100C Am G 22-11-2019
11My Bloody Valentine"Emptiness Inside"02:50188B E D G A 22-11-2019
12Mercury Rev"Goddess On A Highway"03:29155F#m A E D 22-11-2019
13Pavement"Gold Soundz"02:05155A B D F#m Dsus2 Bsus2 22-11-2019
14The Bevis Frond"He'd Be A Diamond"02:28137G B C D Em C Am Dsus4 22-11-2019
15Daniel Johnston & Jad Fair"I Did Acid With Caroline"01:33141G C D yeah22-11-2019
16Dinosaur Jr."I Don't Think So"04:20000Fmaj7 Em7 F G Em Dm yeah22-11-2019
17Eric's Trip"I'm So Near Here"00:00000C# G# A E B F# 22-11-2019
18Mudhoney"Let It Slide"02:44149B G C A F# 22-11-2019
19j-Foundation"Like A Beer"02:26114Fmaj7 D7 C Csus4 A# E D 22-11-2019
20The White Stripes"Little Ghost"02:18133A D E 22-11-2019
21Remington Super 60"Old Man"01:21118C Em Fmaj7 G yeah22-11-2019
22Dead Moon"Shadows Of The Night"03:10130B A D C G E 22-11-2019
23The Misfits"Skulls"02:34000A E F# D G C# 22-11-2019
24Morgan Kilronan"Some Love In The Wild West"03:08000A C# D E G# G B C 22-11-2019
25Yo La Tengo"Something To Do"02:03159C G Em F A# Dm 22-11-2019
26Sebadoh"Soul And Fire"02:38143A Amaj7 E F#m D 22-11-2019
2722 Pistepirkko"Till The Day I Die"01:25137C F G 22-11-2019
28The Flaming Lips"Turn It On"03:22100D A G 22-11-2019
29Roky Erickson"You Don't Love Me Yet"03:52139G A Bm E D 22-11-2019

Total playing time: 01:12:09.

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